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Welcome to coaching! My name is Marisa, and I’m a life, leadership & career coach who works with young professionals and the organizations who employ them. My services are designed for those who seek to build lives, teams, and businesses of high impact and achievement. As a millennial who took on her own journey toward a life of purpose — from advising corporate executives to mediating in correctional facilities; from New York City to her hometown; from anxious and lost to empowered and relational — I know what it takes, and want to help you get there. 

I have two types of clients. The first are young professionals who are truly ready to live their best lives, in every realm. These individuals have spent much of their lives being high performers, but are currently seeking “more,” either personally or professionally. Often, they don’t know exactly what “more” looks like, which is where our work begins.

My other type of clients are organizations who have welcomed young professionals into their workplace and want to unlock their potential. From emergent leader to team coaching, my services help organizations avoid the measurable costs of employee disengagement and attrition, and instead leverage young professionals and their teams for greater success.

With hundreds of hours of ICF-accredited coach and conflict transformation training, along with extensive experience catalyzing employee engagement at a Fortune 100 company, my services yield results. Use my Calendly link to sign up for a complimentary consultation, or contact for more information.

After a sudden layoff in the tech industry, I found myself back on the job market, overwhelmed and uncertain about what the next few months would entail. Marisa’s expertise as a coach were pivotal to me finding the job I wanted. No longer was I facing this daunting task alone, I had a sounding board who helped my hone my messaging, practice for interviews, and evaluate my options throughout the process. She strikes a wonderful balance of creating a warm and approachable environment with keeping you accountable to your goals and ideate on possibilities you may never have been aware of. In my case, I walked away with a job and the outline of a passion project that I hope to work with her on in the future.
Meg Durcan
Meg DurcanImplementation Consultant
Marisa was an amazing resource during a difficult time in my life. I was experiencing a lot of life transitions-cancer diagnosis, long-term leave from work and quarantining due to COVID and cancer. As someone very driven, I was struggling to shift to a “slower gear” and feeling peace. In just one session, Marisa completely changed my perspective on my situation-I gained acceptance, peace of mind and contentment. She made me think in a whole new light. If you’re struggling with a difficult life transition, I highly recommend Marisa Schuler.
Jennifer Manning
Jennifer ManningSchool Psychologist
Although I was initially hesitant to work with a life coach, I took a gamble on Marisa that paid off big time. From the outset of our relationship, Marisa put me at ease with her professionalism and easy-to-understand methodology. She empowered me to craft bold visions and take an assertive approach to designing my future. While working together, we developed innovative strategies that helped me build self-confidence, form new friendships, and elevate my business. I highly recommend Marisa’s coaching services.
Conor Flynn
Conor FlynnFounder and Program Manager
After graduate school in the arts, I felt adrift and foggy. I felt paralyzed moving forward in my career, let alone how I wanted to spend my day to day. I was not expecting Marisa’s coaching to alter my trajectory as much as it did. She helped me clarify my values, without making me feel pigeonholed. Her coaching process is equal parts grounding and expansive. She encouraged me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible while still holding me to actionable, daily steps. I now have practical tools to see beyond my perceived limitations and live the life I’ve always secretly dreamed about.
Hayley H.M.F.A.
I signed up for Marisa’s quarter life crisis course when I was in the throes of a quarter life crisis of my own in every facet of my life. This class has challenged me to go after what I really want and do the work to get there. Marisa is such a socially intelligent and uplifting person to work with. I went from feeling hopeless in covid to confident, self-assured, and ready to tackle the next chapter of life free of fear. If you are thinking about doing the class, just do it!!
Navigating the Quarter Life Crisis: Career EditionCohort One Participant



Coaching, Workshops & Speaking Engagements

As an organizational or team leader, you want to make the most of your workforce. To do so, you must know how to motivate and develop your employees. This includes Millennials, who are estimated to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. While many organizations offer coaching in some form, options are often limited to executive coaching (excludes high-potential emergent leaders), career coaching (conducted by senior coaches who are less tapped into millennial needs and values), or mentorship (eliminates true neutrality).

As a coach with a young professional niche and a history supporting teams and executives in Corporate America, I want to help you get the most out of this growing portion of the workforce.  Among my offerings include:

Contact me to learn more about my offerings, including speaking engagements and workshop topics, or to obtain my case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of my work.

The tools that Marisa has provided me with have been completely transformative in my personal and professional life. In a professional capacity, I wanted to be viewed as a strategic leader in my company. The work we did helped me to promote myself in a way that got the attention of my management and positioned me as both a creative and strategic resource. I even had the honor of receiving a companywide award for the work I did to build and execute on an initiative from the ground up.

Alyssa Taylor
Strategic Sales Manager (Sponsored by Ripple)


Individual & Group Coaching

Your entire life, success was defined for you. And you achieved it. But as a 20- or 30-something, you realize, you’re on your own. Suddenly, it’s up to YOU decide what you want your life to look like. As you come to this realization, you feel pressure from all around – friends, loved ones, society at large – to have it all “figured out,” both personally and professionally. You consider therapy, yoga, workshops, mentorship – anything that will bring you answers and create a sense of peace.

Before you panic, I have a message for you. The answers are not outside. They lie inside of you. Together, we’ll work to find these answers. From work to pleasure, friendship to romance, geography to health – my goal is to help you design a life you REALLY want.

Many people first reach out for me for career navigation help. If this is your interest, check out my upcoming course, Navigating the Quarter Life Crisis: Career Edition (starting October 5th).

One-on-one coaching prices start at $150/hour. Sliding scale is available to those who qualify. To learn more about my program options or to discuss whether you might be a good fit for coaching, contact me at or schedule your complimentary, 30-minute consultation using my Calendly link today.

Before meeting Marisa and joining her Quarter Life Crisis course, I was very much lost, unsure of who I was and what I wanted to do. It seemed like everyone else had it figured out but I realized that I didn’t have the guidance and support I needed to move forward in my career. Meeting Marisa was a true blessing. Her passion for coaching and unwavering support especially at moments where I doubted myself, has really pushed me to dream big and follow my passions. This course challenged me to reevaluate my priorities and career goals to create my personalized toolkit. I am so incredibly grateful to have met such a wonderful group of individuals where we had the opportunity to flourish together on this journey with Marisa’s guidance. Taking this course was the best decision I have made after graduating and has helped solidify my career aspirations.
Rena Han
“Navigating the Quarter Life Crisis: Career Edition” Cohort 1 Participant

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